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You Are Closer to Being a Published Author Than You Think

By Two Guys Who’ve Done it

If you have content…you have a book waiting to be published 

Why Write a book?
Build your company brand

Build your personal Brand

Use as a Business Tool

Increase referrals – How it impacts NPS

Share Knowledge

Leave a Legacy

Where to Begin?

People always ask me the best way to write a book. The answer is the same for everyone.
Just start writing!

There should be a certain level of preparation before getting too deep into it but do not get paralyzed.

About Mark Roberts

  • Just under 40 years helping companies Scale UP
  • No Smoke and Mirrors Blog ranked #1 at fixing sales problems
  • Large LinkedIn following
  • Published eBooks
  • Key Note Speaker
  • Certified in Scaling UP, DISC , OMG Sales Effectives Tools
  • Has been writing a book for over 10 years then he met Pen For Hire
  • Six months later his book is on Amazon, and he has already won more paid speaking engagements

About Matt Harms

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